Analysing Brake Measurement Data with Data Science

Invited Talk EXPO 2024 CFSMA in NanJing, China (Georg Ostermeyer)

Data Science provides a growing set of very powerful tools that can generate models from data. The talk will give a brief introduction to different areas of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence and will present concrete methods with examples of model generation for brakes.

From Coulomb to Dynamic Friction Laws in Brakes

Invited Talk Asiabrake 2023 (Georg Ostermeyer)

Coulomb's Law of Friction, known for centuries, cannot describe the highly dynamic friction in brakes. New friction laws provide an introduction to the analytical description of friction linings to optimise friction, wear and even emission properties.

Friction, Wear and Emission of Brakes

Invited Talk Asiabrake 2022 (Georg Ostermeyer)

Brakes are tribological high-load contacts. Investigations into time-resolved predictions of friction and wear, and in particular the wear dust load during braking is becoming increasingly important. Necessary for models are high-precision measurement devices and swarm techniques. 

Closing speech Philipp Melanchthon Gymnasium 2021 (Ulrike Ketterl-Ostermeyer)